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10 Simple Marketing Hacks for Attorneys to Get New Clients

10 Simple Marketing Hacks for Attorneys to Get New Clients

Marketing is essential for running a successful law firm. Have a solid marketing plan will help you to compete with other attorneys. It requires you to think about the ways you can market yourself and your law firm in order to attract new clients.

Given below are some tips that lawyers can use for marketing:

1. Content Marketing Tips For Lawyers

An effective content marketing whether be it a blog post, video content, podcasts, tweets or facebook share every lawyers and attorney can solidify his/her reputation as an expert practitioner. 

If the valuable content is created on regular basis and marketed properly, it brings more traffic and converts them to prospects. 

  • You should avoid writing like a lawyer because you have to understand for whom you are writing.
  • Create a short and focused video content about the latest amendment in legal matters. Share your personal experience on legal issues
  • Write a content that provides solutions to your client or to a victim
  • You can publish regular legal dictionary posts that explain common legal terms
  • Search on forums where people are searching for legal advice, information, resources. People ask questions, so as a lawyer you collect these questions and frame answers within your blog and share on social media, tweet it or share the blog post link in the forum. (Note: Do not spam the forum by sharing only your blog post URL.)
  • Write content on various lawyers forum, participate in Quora, LinkedIn and get connected with your prospects.

2. Local Seo For Lawyers

Is your lawyer site optimized for local SEO? If not then to get started with creating a Google My Business page for your law firm. It’s easy to have and very much in demand.  

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If you optimize your google my business page and follow these best local seo practices, then there is a lot of chance to appear in 3 pack listing.

Always focus to collect reviews from your happy clients in your local business page as the reviews are user generated content that builds your credibility, no matter whether you are a young attorney or a senior.   

3. Holiday Greeting Cards

When your firm sends holiday greeting cards to potential clients it is simply one among many such cards. Instead, you can pick another holiday to reach out to them.

4. Referrals

Attorneys who do not practice in the same area of law as you do are fantastic referral sources. If another attorney or his family needs professional assistance, you can consider taking the case for free. This is an easy way to gain referrals in the future.

5. Business Cards

Get other people’s cards, and email your contact information afterward or share your business card. This way you give people a better chance to remember you.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering opens the door to networking and discussions.
You should volunteer with various legal and community groups to help others and to market your law firm.

7. Join Bar Associations

You should join and get involved with various bar associations and committees. Form relationships and give people a chance to know you.
You can also join local, state, and national organizations and groups related to the practice of law or your specific area of law.

8. Social Media Marketing Tips For Lawyers

Social media is a part of a modern world. Nowadays more or less everyone is now active on social medias, be it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. As a lawyer, you simply cannot overlook your presence on social media as it an integral medium to connect with prospects who are looking for legal help on social medias.

  • Post updates on legal rights of citizens.
  • Share latest news and updates from top level judiciary
  • Share interesting case studies that where you have brought victory for your clients.
  • Your blog post on legal matters should also be shared at least twice a week.
  • Share your opinion regarding latest happenings occurring in your country related to legal matters. Do not forget to use # tags when you share the post.
  • Post a video where you are being interviewed to give legal advice.
  • Actively participate in communities on Facebook like citizens legal forum.
  • Follow these tips to get an engaging Facebook business Page.
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Comment on specific posts and respond to people who’ve commented on your posts. It’s very much possible that your followers on social media may need legal representation someday, or know someone who does need legal help and get him/her connected with your service.

9. Video Marketing Tips For Lawyers

You can add videos on your firm’s website. Through videos, you can help clients get to know you better and also tell them first-hand why they should hire you as their lawyer.

It is useful to give viewers the chance to get to know the lawyers within your practice as eventually prospective clients will be working closely with them.

For example, your video can include testimonials, recent cases and your opinion on legal matters.

10. Advertising

You can choose a targeted outlet that attracts people in your specific market. For example, if you’re a lawyer catering to local retailers, consider using a trade agency that also caters to local retailers.

To start with, you can also hire the services of a small advertising agency that allows you to keep your advertising budget small at first. By asking clients how they found out about your services, you’ll be able to tell how well your advertising efforts are working.


After implementing these marketing tips for your law firm, you will see how it helps in bringing new business.

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