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Instagram For Business: 7 Ways to Use Creatively

Instagram For Business: 7 Ways to Use Creatively

  • There is close to a 500 million audience on Instagram and if you are an online business owner and you are still not using Instagram for your business yet, then it is high time to use Instagram and stay ahead in the race from your competitor. Here we will discuss some of the best practices about how to use Instagram for your business and brands
  • How to optimize your business profile on Instagram

    The very 1st step comes is how you optimize your business profile. There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow.

    • 1. Do not use hashtags in bio section
    • 2. Set your company’s logo as your profile image
    • 3. Mention the location where your business is located.
    • 4. Describe what is your business all about
    • 5. Do give a clickable URL of your website

    Take a look at the example below

    Hotel Jansen on Instagram

  • What to post on Instagram for Business

  • Now after you have set up your business profile, you might be scratching your head what exactly to post on Instagram to attract more followers and show creativity. Here are some creative Instagram marketing ideas as follows:

Be Creative with Your Products and Services

  • Starbucks Coffee Instagram

  • Instagram is a great photo sharing platform, post the pictures of your services or product in a creative tone. See how Starbucks post their products pictures creatively.


  • Show Who are the Heroes Behind the Scene

    Instagram Marketing

  • When you showcase your product on Instagram there is a natural curiosity among customers how the products are made or from where the products are coming? You should post behind the scene activities about your products and services you provide. See how top city bites in the UK have effectively shown theirs behind the scene activities.
  • Use Boomerang with Instagram For GIF

    Make a Gif using Boomerang

  • Boomerang is a video app that allows you to tell visual stories through videos and photos. You shoot few pictures of your products or about your services, the Boomerang will make it in a short video in form of a GIF, you can then upload the GIF in your Instagram account. Timberland utilized Boomerang to highlight the release of their new product in the market.
  • Kick-Start with your Customers

    Give Importance to Customer
    There are a lot of customers who are visiting your store or enjoying the services that you provide. You can request them to post relevant photos of your brand and tag your business page on Instagram. The good thing about is that your business on Instagram gets the adequate reach among the followers of your customers and more over your followers feels happy when they see their photos shared on your brand page.

  • Hook up with Influencer for Influencer Marketing

    • Suppose you a Sushi Restaurant owner in New york and you need to increase sales, the best thing will be to collaborate with local food bloggers or well know food critiques in your local area. Invite him/her to your restaurant for a lunch and give her discounts with freebies.
    • Make them feel happy and ask them to share these happy moments spent in your restaurant on their Instagram profile tagging your brand. Since the person is influential with many Instagram followers, who will also follow your brand back feeling that your restaurant is fine place hangout.
  • Build a Mind Blowing Video Strategy on Instagram

    A post shared by Tasty (@buzzfeedtasty) on

    Not a much time back, when Instagram announced around March 2016 that user can upload 60 sec video, it will be great if you can experiment with a story telling video about your brand. There are a lot of well-known brands like OREO, Reebok, Buzzfeed tasty who are using this feature continuously by sharing inspiring content in form of video as their content marketing strategy.

  • What’s going On In your Local Area

    If you find anything interesting in your local area then do not forget to share on Instagram, although it may not go with your brand but as you are the local business owner, uploading photo and geo-tagging and tagging the local the area on Instagram increases the chances to reach more local folks on Instagram.

    These are just a few ideas to get started with Instagram for your local business and see what work best to get more engagement among your followers with these creative content.

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