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Local SEO: How To Optimize For Near Me Searches To Rank 1st in Google

Local SEO: How To Optimize For Near Me Searches To Rank 1st in Google

  • The millennials and Gen-Xers demand instant and accurate information from the search engines. A clear indication is an increase of Google near me searches (almost double compared to 2014)

    Moreover, most of the near me searches (80 percent to be precise) have been performed on mobile devices. Search for any key phrase on Google and you’ll be offered with the local search results.

    For instance, a customer in Brooklyn searching for fashion outlets would be offered with search results that are specific for that particular region only. A Google research indicates that “50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34 percent of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store.” Moreover, 18 percent local searches lead to sales.

    Therefore it is important that your business is optimised for local searches. So how would you ensure your business is optimised for near me searches in local SEO? Here is some tips how you can make your business local search ready:
  • Keep the business address up-to-date on google map

    keep your business address up to date on Google Map

    Make sure you update the Google map listing regularly. Provide accurate information that includes the detailed address, working hours, services offered and others.

    Make sure the Google map listing is authorised by you. Apart from Google also make sure that your Business Name, Address, Phone no is consistent across all local business directory ie. (NAP)

  • Make the website mobile ready for Near Me Searches

    Optimize the website for Mobile SEO

    Approximately, 4 in 5 consumers perform local searches on search engines and 88 percent consumers use their smartphones. Therefore it is a must that your website is mobile ready. People perform local searches to get directions, know the business hours, check product availability and get other business information.

    So make sure your website offers a great user experience across all devices. This is one of the most important activity to optimise your local business for near me searches on Google.

  • Collect Customer Reviews to Boost Local SEO

    Including customer reviews is the best way to increase the credibility of your business. People want to get the best for what they spend and user reviews help them make better decisions. Encourage your existing and satisfied customers to write reviews.

    You can personally email them the short URL of your business listing on Google to collect the reviews or if you go and give service, say for an example of a local plumber, after he gives the service he can personally request the client to share the feedback on google local business page.

  • How to Get Google Reviews For Your Business

    Step 1: Go to

    Step 2: Search your business name and let the result to appear. Then you copy the whole link in the browser as bordered by red rectangle

    Step 3: After copying that URL shorten the URL in

    Step 4: Now you can email your client or send them in WhatsApp or in Facebook messenger requesting them to give the reviews.

  • Create content appropriately

    If you want your website to be optimised for near me searches, you must create local content accordingly. Instead of focussing on broad locations, focus on the specific location you serve.

    • 1. Push generic content in your blog based on your personal experience, i.e how to, tips and tricks etc. Minimum 6 articles per month.
    • 2. Participate in the local trade show, local event or organise a small local workshop and publish the entire event on your website’s blog, share on twitter. If your a participating in a local event then go for Facebook live.
    • 3. Create videos like this as if you are addressing your end user if you are a local psychotherapist.
    • 4. Partner with local influencer and bloggers.
  • Sprinkle the Keywords in the content:

    A couple of days back there was an article published in search engine land on how to optimise for “near me” search. In that article, it was written to include Near me in the title tag, but that is only applicable only to directory based business but what if you are a locally owned business? In that case, sprinkle the term near you in the content.

    We are living in a digital age where consumers expect to have accurate information made available to them instantly. Therefore, by optimising your website for local searches, you can reach out to your targeted audience quickly and help them find answers to their questions within moments.

    If you have not considered optimising your website for ‘near me’ searches, now is the time to do so.

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