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5 Creative Ways To Take Your Local Content Marketing Strategy To Next Level

5 Creative Ways To Take Your Local Content Marketing Strategy To Next Level

  • Are you trying to gain traction with content marketing for your local business? Content helps you tell a story about your brand and let your customers understand how they can benefit from your products/services. But that does not mean any piece of content would serve your purpose. You need to know what works best for you in your local content marketing strategy.
  • For local businesses, local content works the best. Content marketing for local businesses helps to attract local customers and increase the overall revenue. But how to create local content and win at it. Let us take a look:
  • Answer Local Searcher’s Question for Effective Local Content Marketing

    Content marketing does not only mean building content around your products and services. The content you create should provide value to the customers. Answering local questions is one great way to offer value to your customers.

    • This is an amazing tool that will fetch you the question with your targeted keyword if you are a local business owner.
    • You can also dig Quora to find out the question what your local customer is asking and you then simply write local content on it
    • Also, search on Google and Twitter by typing your desired “keyword ?” and when you get the list of results then you draft local content accordingly in your local content marketing strategy.
  • Interview your Satisfied Local Customers and Put it on Website

    ‘92% of consumers now read online reviews’, according to BrightLocal’s latest consumer survey. Customers trust real people rather than what businesses have to say. A huge percentage of people read reviews before making a purchase decision. So putting up customer reviews in form of a video on your websites and incorporate them into your advertising can benefit your business immensely. By allowing your potential customers read the customer reviews, you can help them make better decisions. Take a look how a plastic surgeon DR. DONALDSON from Columbus OHIO have used their local customer videos, that has infused the symbol of trust in their local content marketing strategy.

  • Participate in and Write About Local Activities

    A quick and easy way to create buzz about your business is by hosting or participating in a local event. For instance, you can sponsor a marathon in your city or attend a trade show and then share the pictures, create blog posts and even share videos to attract the attention of your target audience in your locality.

  • Hold a Contest with your Local customer

    Zappos hosted a contest where the consumers in Austin TX had to spot a life-size gingerbread man and upload its picture on social media. The event was highly successful and created a lot of buzz among the Austin consumers. You can think of something equally interesting and increase the brand awareness for your business. The best thing – you get a chance to utilize user-generated content and obtain high quality inbound links as well.

    Content marketing can be very challenging, but with the right local content marketing strategy you can win at it and achieve your goals quickly. Use the above creative ways to create local content and take your local business to the next level.

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