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Online Marketing For Photographers : Top 7 Ways to Get More Clients

Online Marketing For Photographers : Top 7 Ways to Get More Clients

Today, for professional photographers, it’s just not enough to capture excellent photos. What you need is a solid marketing strategy behind the promotion of those photos.

Online marketing for photographers is important and you need to perform it effectively to get noticed among the sea of your target audience.

Thankfully SEO, content marketing, social media marketing are some cost effective online marketing channels to do online marketing for photographers. Let’s dive into the top 7 ways to promote photography business online that gives result in short time.

1. Website

A good website is a must for every professional photographer. A website showcases the kind of photography you like doing. Creating your own website is easy and affordable and once done it becomes the place where you can advertise your work and provide details.

It is important that your website showcases your best and most impressive work to give your viewer an idea about the kind of photography you excel at.

Things that you must include on your website are:

  • Engaging bio
  • A display picture of yourself
  • Detailed contact information
  • Social media links
  • Client testimonials
  • Location information

Design your website with HTML for a great user experience and make it optimized for search engines.

You need to ensure that your site includes the four main pages given below:

  • Home page
  • Gallery page
  • Reviews page
  • Contact page

Your website should have a clear and concise layout and be easy to navigate as these are the first impressions that people get. A first impression can be a make or break factor for your online photography business.

2. Urbanclap For Photographers In India

Online Marketing Tips For Photographers

UrbanClap is a mobile marketplace for local services. It is a wonderful medium to connect with local professionals in a fingertip. On this platform, people who need photography services search for professional photographers for various events, be it for a birthday, family functions, receptions, corporate parties, candid etc.

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So if you are a photographer from any part in India and want to reach out to your target audience then UrbanClap is extremely useful to market your photography business locally.

Step by step guide to registering your photography business on UrbanClap:

1. Download the UbanClap for partner app from Google Play Store.
2. Provide the area of the photography you specialize in.
3. Create a new account.
4. Complete the details in the fields provided.

3. SEO Tips for Photographers

For photographers, SEO is one of the best opportunities to get more traffic to their website. If you happen to be a photography business owner then you would naturally want your website to rank among the top search results.

Your photography website can make an impact in the search results, for that you need to follow some guidelines and create high-quality content.

You need to think about the structure of your site and ensure that all technical elements are search engine friendly. It is very important to be clear about your photography strategy for your website.

4. Market your expertise

You need to search for places where you can get published and share your expertise. Join photography communities where you can participate in discussions like Quora, Reddit, Facebook and Google+ group.

5. Instagram Marketing For Photographers

Today, many photographers use Instagram to market their work as it’s one of the easiest photo sharing platforms.

If you are a photography business owner, you need to post a square photo and add tagging and captioning, or both. This allows other like minded Instagram users to get connected with you.

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Following are some tips to market your photography on Instagram:

  • You should hashtag to the photos you post to increase your exposure. Some of the top hashtags used by photographers are #photo, #photos, #photooftheday, #instagood, #photography, #photoshoot , #picoftheday
  • After posting your client’s photos, you should tag your clients by adding @ followed by their profile name.
  • You can share one photo from your blog post and mention in the caption “link in profile” to lead people to your blog post.
  • Watermark your photos to protect your images from infringement.

For example, if you are a newbie in the wedding photography business and want to promote yourself, you need to share the best photos captured by you on Instagram.

It is very important for you to know who you are following and engaging with. As a wedding photographer you should follow posts by wedding planners, florists etc. and engage with them by liking their post and initiating conversations.

6. Pinterest Tips For photographers

Many photography business owners use Pinterest to market their photography and build their brand.

First, you need to create a Pinterest business account for yourself. After the account is created, you can now create boards to ’pin’ your photography from your website or upload manually from the desktop.

You can also harness the power of Pinterest app by downloading it on your smartphone and utilize for traffic acquisition for your business.

Pinterest provides high-resolution image capabilities that help to showcase your work at the highest quality on the web.

7. Promote your Photography using Facebook

You can use Facebook to talk about your photography journey so far. You can let your fans know about your thinking behind clicking of a photograph.

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For your photography business, create a fan page and not a personal profile page. When you have a fan page, people can instantly become a fan by coming to your page and clicking on like button.

When you are posting quite frequently, you will see likes, comments, and shares that help to make your page very active. Your photography skills get promoted and start appearing in people’s newsfeed if a lot of engagement starts to happen on your fan page.

To engage with your fans, you can do the following:

  • Post questions to engage with your fans, for example, you can post a question asking their opinion on which photo are better and provide two of your photos to select from.
  • Share photography ideas and tips.
  • Share with your fans any new happenings, you have purchased a new camera or got a new prop. Here are some insanely powerful tips revealed by top social media experts to increase Facebook Page engagement.


These are some of the online marketing tips you can start using for your photography business. You will see significant improvements in terms of website traffic and leads coming in within 6 months.

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