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The #1 mistake people make on social media (In Kolkata)

The #1 mistake people make on social media (In Kolkata)

Rich culture, heritage, and great reception are the significant characteristics of our Kolkata. It welcomes every newfangled move with all of its hearts. Every endeavor of the city is essentially soul-felt. The city of joy instantly connects and welcomes each of the small/big moves in progress with all its heart. Likewise, the city receives vigorously changing, and diurnal updates of social media platforms such as- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, and LinkedIn. Well now, we are introducing – Just Kolkata.

The increasing acceptance of digital media easily fits in the liveliness of the city. We can’t leave behind while the change is constant. The social media platform is constantly evolving for bringing in a far-reaching market panorama.

There is a loyal fan hidden inside every Kolkata citizen and that’s what digital marketers aim to draw out.  Even in the late nights, when the city turns it “hibernation” mode on, its social media landscape remains eternally open to provide you some- extra help and get your all questions answered.

Mystery is something which angles off with every single by-lanes of this age-old city and keeps the city alive and bustling. As the basic nature of social media is aiming at continual growth, it has been constantly feeding us with advanced applications of advertisements, live videos, and direct/indirect interaction with the community.

So if you think you are under-prepared for the change, you could expect that you are toeing the mark as one.

The social media jungle is fierce and dangerous. One wrong move can cause a great damage for the reputation of your business. Don’t worry, you have a friend online.

We are here to identify your mistakes, help you in the process and celebrate your success together. Here is a list of questions you need to answer:

  • Are you spending a lot of money online and still not getting success?
  • Are you working really hard but no one is seeing your efforts?
  • Time is running out and you don’t know whom to contact.
  • You have tried everything but you need to build a community.
  • You have a great idea but you don’t know how to show it to a bigger audience.

Just Kolkata  is one such curveball that rolls up entrepreneurs and creative minds. This is Kolkata’s own social network, where one can have a sound discussion on anything and everything happening around.

Events, Promotions, Workshops, Internships, Job updates, Digital marketing services, New-launches; there’s a lot happening in here.

You will be at the state of awe by discovering how many people you could connect with the similar thought process.

Kolkata Online

There is no myth in that the social media platform de-constructs and re-constructs on a daily basis. Nothing in social media platform can be termed as “up-to-date information”, as the bubble pops every day here. This is the only service that’s always at your beck and asked for resolving your problems through detailed possible insights. Just Kolkata is here to build a network of all kinds of individuals, who term themselves as “doers”.

What we have in our briefcase:

Here you will be continuously informed with the advanced media techniques by our curated experts who will help you to be on the edge of marketing innovation. You can call them to speak at your event just by sending a “hi” on WhatsApp.

Our Social Media enthusiasts are always there at your service in resolving your queries. They will help you in creating dynamic Ad sequences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, you will find people with similar interests up there for you. So connect, share, and build a better social media eco-system.

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Our professionals can be fully trusted for securing an accelerated growth for your business prospects with maximum brand influence and user engagement.

Triple C’s of Connectivity:

We have enough of tagging, commenting, sharing, and liking on Facebook, haven’t we? From fun-filled, quirky posting to serious business leads, we are here to combine all the odds and draw out the best possible networking solution. Just Kolkata is about- connecting businesses, connecting people, and most importantly connecting minds.

Connecting Businesses – A brand gets unnoticed without its virtual presence. We bring to you an open platform where start-ups and big fishes can share their unique thoughts, brewing ideas, business goals, and much more. Now the big news is this could be the ideal scaffold to rope in your business leads.  Start building your brand with a simple discussion over here and avail four-square solution from the industry experts.

Our services cover Facebook advertising, analytics, video marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Youtube marketing and lots more. We schedule our marketing processes that your business ideally needs. Still, have something more in mind? We can always design a customized solution for you.

Connecting People – “Adda” is something that is in our default mechanism. A cup of tea and a random topic is the best deadly combo under the blues, where Kolkata people own an unadulterated mastery.  Social Media is just an upgraded version of our leisure satisfactory components. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people of Kolkata is equivocal on every social media platform.

Just Kolkata intends to trigger the debating bug inside you. We aim at amassing the smartest people under the largest umbrella. You can easily reach out to people with analogous interest just by keeping relevance and consistency in your posting. Following the same route with unique approach can make you virtually popular as well.

Everything doesn’t need to be about business; join our group, share your posts, have a discussion, and most importantly have a “byapok” time! How? Read on to find out.

Connecting minds – It is said that “Great people think alike”. Come and share your thoughts and speak your heart out on Just Kolkata. Be it business, be it off-hand ideas- bond over your ideas on this platform. Kolkata gets online with Just Kolkata. Most of the people think that ‘tagging’ is an effective tool to ensure a wider connectivity. Well! Let’s spill the beans for you guys- you can surely attract people with a tag but certainly can’t win his/her involvement.

Here at Just Kolkata, we show you the right path to be followed to get connected with the people of equal mindset. Let’s make the social media influential and intriguing for you without hitting a lull.

Four faces of Kolkata’s own social network:

Just Kolkata is an accumulative and aggressive effort of M&M Web Solutions, thebrightstories, and Biggrmedia.  

The first face: Let’s talk business. Presenting M&M Web Solutions

Just Kolkata is the brain-child of Kolkata’s best performing digital minds. M&M Web Solutions is the one-stop solution for all your online requisites. The company aims at providing in-trend and upbeat digital solution for your business websites. Websites designed and developed by our experts and our on-the-ball digital marketing strategy optimizes your virtual presence like never before. We also curate print-ad ideas with the same affluence.

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A decade-long industry experience is the backbone of our versatility. We have our treasured clients across all over the industry verticals such as- Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Education, FMCG, Apparel, Travel & Tourism, and Real Estate.

About – We started our journey as a digital sales design agency back in 2012, with the vision of creating a one-stop solution for your business requisites. We exclusively focus on building successful web applications, thereby, providing highly creative online marketing solution for all our clients. We design and develop high-performing, objective-driven website that helps you obtaining genuine leads. We get you an express delivery of apt messages to the fittest audience.

By choosing M&M as your digital sales partner, you can expect your business to be filled with fresh new contents and campaigns on the dot.

Goal – We are a service-oriented company and we aspire to establish the company as a one-stop shop for web design, development, and digital marketing. All our services and solutions are absolutely personalized which is also the USP of the company. Whatever may be your requirement, we are here to give you the best solution possible. From creating your own digital shop online (website /app), to making some noise on social media, we always put your first.

Reaching out to us is easy. Send us an email at give us an old-fashioned call – 9830035775. Even if it’s not about business, we will always be happy to listen to you.

The Second Face: Introducing “the bright stories

At ‘the bright stories’, we highlight the sagas of the unsung heroes, based in West Bengal. It is one noble initiative to appraise some of the extraordinary contributions and inspiring real-life success stories of ace people in disguise. It’s a virtual effort to bring them in limelight. The platform torches upon exclusiveness of these characters and singles out the social stories and entrepreneurship anecdotes.

Explore how real-life achievements of common people change in marked contributions to the mankind. Wait, what’s in it for you?

Have a story you want to share with the world or talent that you kept hidden in your closet? Contact us, we shall be happy to spread out to the world. Just give us a call at – 9830035775.

The third face: Unveiling “Biggrmedia” – A new dimension in creative advertising

Biggrmedia is a new dimension in creative advertising. We define ourselves, as an “Attention Agency”. In any business or activity, you need the help of a consultant to grow faster and smarter. Business consultant, tested growth hacking, marketing brilliance, and creative networking, we at Biggrmedia cover all verticals when it comes to helping people.

Whether you are a newbie or a start-up, for business expansion you need to move ahead with zeal and observe certain tips to get hold of a steadfast success. We help you in approaching your potential target audience and building your business connection. Want a free consultation to push through the crowd and get the sweet taste of success?

Biggrmedia is the answer and always will be. Call us today- 9830035775. This is the best step you have taken for your business in a long, long time.

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The coolest place to work in Kolkata (At least, the employees are saying so)

We believe in one motto! Our employees take care of the clients and we take care of the employees. There’s no “boss culture”, as there’s no boss. The culture breeds leadership and every individual is trained to take charge of their destiny. The clients are happy, but the employees are happier. Creativity is instilled in every brick of the environment.

Want to have a great start to your career? Join a job you will love every day. Check out the positions open. Trust us! The friendly atmosphere resides inside our office-door in infectious and envious which constantly fosters to deliver our best. Let’s have a tour of the whole new world of amusement.

Employee testimonials:

Lead front-end developer, tech-chick Sweta Chakraborty says: “I have so much pride in the incredible amount of hard work that goes into our every new project. After 4 years I am still excited about our works and this energy keeps me coming back every day.”

Deep thought of the lead designer- Anirban Nag: “I am associated for more than 4 years with M&M Web Solutions. The journey so far has been filled with joy and happiness. My choice was based on two things. The people and the work.”

The fourth face: “Ektu mistimukh hoye jak!” – Presenting your own Just Kolkata

Just Kolkata is the only online platform binding people of Kolkata with similar and diverse interest. Join, connect, and enrich your networking dimensions with us. From Fuchka to Fellini, Jobs to single malt we are online for keeps. Share your thoughts and reflection with us.  Join us on the Facebook group. Let’s start chatting over a cup of coffee.

We have created Just Kolkata with one idea in mind, to create a network of creative individuals and the not so creative ones. A network of business-minded individuals and the ones who are just in it for the fun. From memes and trolls to business pitches and meaningful connections, we have it all.

We can’t create this alone, we need your help. Let’s join hands in creating the biggest Facebook group of Kolkata, which is not only confined to Facebook.

We will show the world what powerful networking can do. Join yourself and add your friends in this celebration of togetherness.

Kolkata Online We know you have questions. Comment section hai na! Share your mind, ekta adda hoye jak.

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