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8 Killer Facebook Contest Ideas Worth Trying To Engage and Grow a Follower List

8 Killer Facebook Contest Ideas Worth Trying To Engage and Grow a Follower List

Facebook contests are one of the most rewarding ways for your business promotion. It’s a great way to get your fans to engage with your brand on Facebook.

Your contest ideas should be such that, it can pull people to your Facebook contests and allow everyone to take part in it.

Given below are some Facebook contest ideas that you can implement for your small business to drive more engagement and grow your follower list. 

Facebook Contest Idea #1 – Name Our New Product

This type of contest can make people feel that you give value to their opinions by giving them an opportunity to make a decision for your business.

You can provide people with the details of the product so that people have an understanding of the product and can then give an appropriate name.

To select the best name for your product you can make a list of top five names with most votes and then zero in on the best one out of them.

You should ensure that you give your product the name that wins the contest.

Facebook Contest Idea #2 – Run a caption contest

Caption contests on Facebook are very popular and tend to bring out the humorous side of people.

You can post a picture that is quite funny for people to comment.

Use animals or babies in your photo as they have the potential to generate hilarious responses.

Facebook Contest Idea #3 – Fan Of The Week Contest

Fans appreciation on a weekly basis can really boost your social media engagement.

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You can run this contest by asking for entries into your weekly Best Fan Forever (BFF) contest.

Simply ask your contest entrants to post photos with your product.

Facebook Contest Idea #4 – Like to Win

The Like to Win contest on Facebook is a very quick contest that you can run for your business. You can ask your fans to like a specific post to participate and stand a chance to be the lucky winner of the contest.

Facebook Contest Idea #5 – Fill-in-the-blank 

The fill-in-the-blank Facebook contest is a very simple contest that you can have that’s related to your business or product.

In this contest, you give your fans an incomplete sentence and ask them to complete it.

One of the things that you can do with this contest is that you can post a photo and give an incomplete caption to the photo for your fans to fill in the rest.

Facebook Contest Idea #6 – Vote For Favorite Photo

A Facebook photo contest is the best ways to get many Facebook likes.

You can ask people to submit photos and then let your fans vote their favorite photo. Decide on the winner of the contest who has received the maximum votes.

Facebook Contest Idea #7 – Question & Answer

Q&A contest is another easy and quick contest that you can have for your business.

You can ask your fans a simple question and ask them to submit the right answer. The right answer can then be picked randomly by you.

Another way is to ask a question and provide multiple choice answers (A,B, C, and D).

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Facebook Contest Idea #8 – Vote For the Product

This contest helps you know which product of yours is a big hit with your fans.

You can let your fans vote for their favorite product and after the contest is over you can choose a random winner.


Now that you know of some contest ideas try implementing them for your business and see how they pull engagements and grow followers for your brand. Before you get started with any of these Facebook contest ideas then read this definitive guide on Facebook contest rules. 

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