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How to Use Video to Acquire Leads and Generate High-Quality Traffic

How to Use Video to Acquire Leads and Generate High-Quality Traffic

  • Did you know video can help you drive sales? According to Aberdeen, companies using video get 41 percent more web traffic from search compared to those who don’t. Moreover, a report Forrester indicates, emails including a video have 200-300% increase in click-through rate.If you have been experiencing a drop in the number of new leads, then you can get back on track by with a smart use of video marketing to generate Leads. Here are some ways you can use videos to acquire leads and generate high-quality traffic for your business.

    Video Marketing On Social Media

    Social Video Marketing

    Short videos can do wonders in converting social followers into customers. Videos offer a visual treat and they can be shared quickly; hence you reach out to a large number of people within a short period of time. Moreover, videos are work across various platforms, so you can target various social platforms at a time.

    However, you must keep the videos short and use a story-telling technique to spread out your message. Make sure the message is true to your brand and personality. Finally, the video must not end in black; end it with a clear call-to-action that will compel people to take the necessary actions.

    For example, for the Chevy #DayItForward campaign, Chevrolet launched several videos on Leap Day to promote goodwill and a positive brand image to generate more leads with their Video. They used a unique story-telling technique to engage their customers and they have been immensely successful with their endeavours.

  • Include Videos in Email Marketing

     Insert & embed video in your email campaign

    Email marketing is still an effective way to generate quality leads, but improving the click-through rate can be a big challenge. As mentioned earlier, including videos in emails can significantly increase the click-through rates; hence it is a must for businesses of all sizes to leverage video content to drive leads with video marketing.

    Here are few ways by which you can add a video to the emails:

    • Include an image from the video and add a play button on top of it. When the user clicks on the play button image, they are directed to the landing page.
    • Embed a video on the landing page and set it to auto-play. This instantly attracts attention without the user having to take any other action.

    To ensure success, the videos must be of 30 to 90 seconds for the top of the funnel campaigns and 1 to 30 minutes for further down the funnel campaigns. This is because the attention spans differ with each level of the funnel.

  • Leverage Video Platforms

    optimize video for web

    Marketing with video online becomes easier with YouTube. Create YouTube channel to promote professionally produced as well as user-generated content. YouTube can be accessed from a wide range of mobile devices and it already has a huge audience base, so it helps you expand your reach. Moreover, YouTube videos are highly search-engine friendly, so you can also get your share of organic traffic by leveraging this platform.

    YouTube has emerged to be a powerful social media platform, hence you can engage people and compel them to share your videos for a better reach. Hence, you can embed a YouTube video on your website or blog and direct the users to the video platform for viewing the entire video. You can also create a short clipping of the video and share it on the other social media channels. You generate interest among the followers and then ask them to visit your YouTube channel to view the entire video. By including a compelling call-to-action, you can increase the traffic and acquire leads as well.

    Videos have taken the center stage in today’s online marketing landscape and it will continue to be the most powerful content marketing tool. So if you are looking forward to generating better conversions and higher engagement, it is time that you start using video for lead generation.

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