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9 Best WordPress Theme That You Haven’t Used Before

9 Best WordPress Theme That You Haven’t Used Before

  • Why WordPress e-commerce themes?

    WordPress e-commerce solutions require minimal set-up costs, having a powerful feature set that can be easily expanded by using any of a number of plugins and ease of use. You should opt for a quality WordPress theme that is SEO optimized and not settles for anything less.

    Here let us take a look at some of the best WordPress themes that you might not have used before:

  • 1. GoodLife WordPress Theme

    GoodLife is a user-friendly WordPress theme designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements for modern magazine style website design. This e-Commerce theme has clean code which is a perfect fit for coming in Google search ranking in less time.

  • 2. Simple & Elegant WordPress Theme

    If you want a visually stunning and unique of a kind of e-commerce website then go for Simple and Elegant. This is a beautiful and functional theme capable of handling modern features and a theme for tomorrow’s e-Commerce websites.

  • 3. Marketing Pro WordPress Theme

    If you want to develop business oriented websites in a jiffy then Marketing Pro is the great platform for you. It is a powerful WordPress multipurpose website theme and also a sharp SEO framework.

    Even if you are not efficient at coding this theme helps you to create your website, whether it’s for small business or medium size oriented, you can create easily. This theme comes packaged with drop and drag builder.

  • 4. Newsmag PRO WordPress Theme

    If you wish to manage an online magazine then start from practicing on Newsmag PRO theme as it provides beautiful article formats, and the features needed for a smaller magazine. This theme has got endlessly customizable sliders that can keep your users engaged with your content along with driving traffic to your recent or trending posts. Newsmag PRO is mobile-friendly.

  • 5. Jevelin – Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

    Specifically designed as an e-commerce theme, you can turn your website into a professional online store. It is rich in store layouts, apt for attractive product showcasing and also easy to modify as per your preferences and product type.

  • 6. Brixton WordPress Theme

    Brixton has been developed with a focus on providing a professionally designed user experience that is memorable. It gives you dynamic layouts over usual layout schemes seen in web. You can some demos here:

  • 7. Be Theme

    Be Theme as it’s website says is the biggest WordPress theme. It is perfect for your all purposes and helps in expanding your audience leading to an increase in your website traffic. Few examples to use this responsive WordPress theme

  • 8. Schema – Seo Focussed WordPress Theme

    The schema is quick, and it’s developers claim that it is the fastest loading WordPress theme on mobile. The 3 most important features that need to be mentioned are.

    A. Mobile responsive
    B. You have an option to include your CSS style
    C. No inbuilt complex coding

  • 9. Mr. Tailor – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

    With Mr. Tailor theme you can create a stylish online store. The design and appearance of the theme will appeal to you when cataloging for fashion or design related brands and artists. Mr .Tailor is great for having online fashion related e-Store.

    Now that you know some of the best WordPress themes that are available in 2017 you can start using any of them to help build your own online store or website that drives conversion and boosts your online sales.

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